Roll Slitting Converting

U.S. Laminating has a wide variety of laminating services, which includes roll slitting, which is actually a converting service we offer. We are a trusted supplier and distributor many different laminating materials. Though located in New York, we ship nationwide. So businesses around the United States utilize our laminating and converting services. And we pride ourselves on being available to customers from all industries. Laminating services are useful for many applications and our large client base is a result of that!

What Is Roll Slitting?

"Slitting" is one of the most common terms in the world of lamination. But what does it mean? Well, slitting, or also know as roll slitting, is a process that cuts a material to a specific width from a "master" or "parent" roll. A bulk material makes up this master roll and you usually cannot insert it into the end products. This is typically due to the size of the roll. At the end of the day, roll slitting is simply taking a larger roll of material and cutting it into a few smaller, more manageable rolls.

Roll Slitting Process

For the roll slitting process, it starts with unwinding the master roll. Then it travels through a series of blades that "slits" the material. And then the rewinding begins, which occurs around a core that is also right for the next step in the process. The most common challenge for roll slitting is having the right equipment that speeds up the slitting process. Efficiency is key and the equipment at US Laminating ensures speedy production of ALL laminating materials. We can customize the material with our roll slitting machinery.

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