Multi-Ply Constructions

US Laminating provides many great lamination services, including laminating materials for multi-ply constructions. Many across the United States turn to us for affordable and reliable laminating materials. We have the expertise necessary to handle any sort of job. When you turn to us, we have the ability to handle custom orders. Simply provide us with your specifications and our team will handle the rest! So you will get exactly what you need in terms of size and quantity. Which makes our lamination services more affordable than our competitors.

What Are Multi-Ply Constructions

When we say multi-ply constructions, what do we actually mean? Well, the textbook definition of laminated construction is having more than three plies for the job. This is also commonly referred to as balanced construction. Balanced construction is when plywood or sandwich-panels construction have an odd number of plies laminated together. So, 3, 5, 7 and so on. This process results in the construction being identical on both sides of a plane through the center of the panel. Hence, it keeps it even, despite the fact that the number of plies is odd.

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