Laminating Adhesives

As a custom lamination manufacturer, we are well-accustomed with laminating adhesives and utilizing them within our range of services. In general, laminating adhesives are thin layers of adhesive that get set on release paper. Once the adhesive is applied, the paper gets stripped away. Which leaves the adhesive bonded to the component's surface. Medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing applications use laminating adhesives. These adhesives must meet the standards set by the FDA and USDA.

Laminating adhesives are cured using heat or a combination of heat and pressure. Similar to hot melt adhesives. These adhesives offer strong bonding and great resistance to high temperatures. And when you apply properly, they offer protection from low-risk environmental factors. The laminating adhesives are almost always clear, which makes it perfect to laminate papers that require protection from wetness and ripping. While still being able to read the paper once the lamination is complete. They may require solvents or be solvent-free.

Types of Laminating Machines

When it comes to different types of laminating machines, there are three basic styles:

Laminating pouches are clear, plastic sheets that have been immersed with laminating adhesive on the inside of the pouch. This then seals around the paper products with heat and pressure (or just pressure). Roll machines have sheets of laminating film and adhesive on a roll. These sheets get heated up right before the paper product goes through.

Hot pouches and cold pouches are most commonly found in offices and even homes. They aren't what we here at US Laminating Corp use for adhesive laminating. Since we offer high-grade industrial laminating services, we expertly utilize roll laminating machines. These machines require greater sizes and greater speed than the pouches. Helping with big projects.

Due to varying compositions, you may find laminating adhesives formulated specifically to help bond to certain surfaces. Some products adhere to glass, masonry, metal and paper. However others might best adhere to porous surfaces, textiles and wood. Many also may use laminating adhesives to bond two dissimilar components, like rubber and metal.

Custom Laminating with Adhesives

We provide customers the opportunity for custom lamination, which allows for better utilization of our laminating services. Our heavy-duty industrial laminating machines seal the laminating adhesive almost immediately. And that bond is permanent. Lesser machines may take time to form that bond and it may not be as long lasting. But when you turn to US Laminating Corp, you can rest assured that the seal is strong.

Laminating adhesives can be formulated to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees and be chemical, UV and humidity resistant. Many different industries and applications utilize laminating adhesives on a daily basis, including aerospace, automotive, marine, optical, military and tooling applications.

For more information about our wide range of professional laminating services, please reach out today. They number for our office is 631-567-0300. When you call, we can provide you with more details regarding our various lamination services.