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Industrial Laminating Services

Our business is providing our customers and clients with the best industrial laminating services in the country. We specialize in a wide range of materials, including laminating foams, non-wovens, fabrics, and films and flame lamination for almost every industry and end-use. Simple and easy customization is possible, too. So please, give us a call today for more information: 631-567-0300.

Due to our variety of laminating technologies and superior in-house engineering, U.S.Laminating Corp has been able to supply quality-laminated materials to different markets such as:

  • healthcare
  • outerwear
  • footwear
  • automotive
  • marine
  • industrial
  • acoustical
  • and many more!

Since we have the ability to custom make our laminating materials, we can create a product that closely suits your needs! Simply provide us with your requirements and allow us to do the rest! Our industrial laminating services are great for many businesses across the country and, when properly used, are great for a variety of tasks.

Industrial Laminating

Industrial Laminating Services Nationwide

We have grown as a business by pioneering the use of new materials. Our company has stayed strong by increasing efficiency while maintaining product quality. U.S. Laminating Corp. inventories a variety of raw materials for established products. We also provide great custom lamination. We can laminate materials that meet your specifications. U.S. Laminating places a strong emphasis on adapting to demanding customer requirements. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, all areas of our business are monitored for quality and performance.

Our extensive product development capabilities enable us to assist our customers to create laminates that will perform to exacting standards. However, we understand that all industries have their limitations. This is why our industrial laminating services aim to meet whatever specifications are required. Trust our expertise to get the job done right!

And our great staff will work closely with you to ensure your standards are met. Please call 631-567-0300 to speak to one of our representatives and provide them with all of the necessary details. This way, no matter what sort of product you need, our industrial laminating materials will meet your requirements. All of our laminating materials can be shipped nationwide, so no matter where you are located, we can provide you with our quality products. And when you speak to us, talk to us about any customization you may require for your materials.

Industrial Laminating Leaders

We have become national leaders in industrial laminating. Among our available offerings in this area are: flame lamination, adhesive lamination, hot roll lamination, fabric to foam lamination, polyurethane and polyethylene foam lamination, non-woven foams, laminating foams, fiberfills, multi-ply constructions, roll-to-roll lamination.

We also provide such services as slitting, sheeting, and perforating of laminated products. U.S. Laminating's depth of experience has enabled us to master a wide range of materials and products. Helping to make us leaders in the industrial laminating field. And our lamination services are helpful to all types of industries.

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U.S. Laminating Corp. has years of industrial laminating experience. Whatever your laminating needs are, we have the services to match! There are many uses and applications for lamination that we handle. Let us provide you with our quality lamination services that your products require. You deserve the best! Contact us today for more information about our products and services and let us start helping you. The number to call is 631-567-0300. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about our range of laminating services. We look forward to helping you with whatever issues you may be having.