Custom Flame Lamination

For the best custom flame lamination not only on Long Island, New York, but nationwide, turn to US Laminating. We offer customers the possibility to create a flame laminated material that specifically adheres to their specifications. This is due in large part to the fact that we are an in-house manufacturer of laminates. Many different industries utilize flame laminates. So it is important to get the material right. For more information about our custom flame lamination, please give us a call! The number for our office is 631-567-0300. When you call, we can provide you with all of the necessary ordering details. And you can provide us with your specifications.

Custom Flame Lamination Process

As a trusted custom flame lamination manufacturer, we offer this material at a low cost. Flame lamination offers its user many great benefits. The manufacturing process is fairly flexible. What that results in is the ability for the material's use on various substrates. This occurs as long as the core material is flame laminable. The most common core material is polyurethane foam. Another great benefit is the fact we can composite with a laminate on only one side of the core or both sides. This is dependent on how exactly you want to utilize the material. But that option is there in the process. And then there is the thickness, which is also easy to customize in the process. Varying thicknesses can be used.

In general, this process of flame lamination is much faster than other laminating options. So there is a faster turnaround and gets you the material you need in a more timely fashion. And no adhesives are used during the manufacturing process. By not using adhesives, the overall cost is reduced. Also, this fact eliminates any adhesive from getting into the bond. And lastly, the absence of any adhesive makes this process more eco-friendly. No adhesives make the recycling efforts of the laminate easier.

Call For More Information

U.S. Laminating Corp. has years of experience in the industry. We provide quality flame laminating materials to customers nationwide. We are an in-house laminate manufacturer and produce custom flame lamination that will adhere to your specifications. For more information about our laminating capabilities, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have with our services, as well as provide you with any pricing questions you may have. The number to call for our office is 631-567-0300. When you call, we can go over all of the pricing details. Wholesale ordering is welcome! So please, do not hesitate to reach out today!