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U.S. Laminating Corp. provides customers across the country with an array of high quality laminating services and materials. This includes the distribution of laminating foams. Many different types of industries use laminating foams, including: aerospace, appliance, automotive, construction, HVAC, flooring, military, sports, and much more. The most common of these are adhesive and flame lamination. Other methods of foam lamination includes heat preparation and corona treating. 

What Is Foam Lamination?

In short, foam lamination alters the density, stability and makeup of the foam product on hand. The substrates used in the manufacturing process can be a film, non-woven, fabric, or even another foam. As previously mentioned, the lamination of the foam can be achieved by one of two methods: flame lamination or adhesive lamination. In both of these cases the foams can attach to substrates to form bi- or tri- laminates.

Laminating Foams Customization

Laminating foams fabricators can customize the foam products in a number of different ways. They can use different finishes, such as matte, sticky and gloss and can also be fabricated to add custom prints. It is a simple and easy material to work with, allowing for both the customer and the manufacturer to come to a agreed conclusion. As a trusted manufacturer of laminating foams, we can customize the materials to best suit your needs. Simply provide us with your specifications and we can take care of the rest!

Laminating Foams Manufacturer

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