Flame Lamination Manufacturer

Nationwide Lamination Distributor

U.S. Laminating Corp. is a trusted flame lamination manufacturer. We offer high quality and dependable industrial lamination services to customers throughout the country. The flame lamination process can present a variety of benefits for those that chose to go with this option. For starters, it is a highly efficient option that is also low cost. This lamination is perfect for completing an assortment of different jobs. During the manufacturing process, there is flexibility with the material. A variety of substrates uses this process, which occurs as long as the core material goes through the flame lamination process. The most common core material is polyurethane foam.

Lamination Customization Available

As an in-house lamination manufacturer, we can specifically customize the materials to fit your exact requirements. We have become experts in the flame lamination process and can specifically manufacture various types of lamination materials. Simply provide us with your specifications and we will handle the rest! We use cutting edge technology in order to manufacture materials that are of the highest quality.

Flame lamination is great for use in a wide range of industries. A big reason why comes down to the flexibility of the material. Due to this fact, it can be used with orthopedic padding, automotive interiors, luggage, costumes, sports equipment, packaging, medical disposables, and much more!

Flame Lamination Quotes

U.S. Laminating Corp. has years of experience providing customers with quality flame lamination services. We provide our lamination services for customers across the country and even internationally across borders. Through our years of experience, we have become a trusted name in the industry and enjoy providing our quality products to help businesses everywhere. For more information about how we can be your flame lamination manufacturer, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our flame lamination services, as well as any of the other quality lamination services we provide. The number to call is 631-567-0300. We will provide you with a free quote for our services with your phone call. Wholesale pricing is available for many of lamination materials.