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U.S. Laminating Corp has been an expert in the industry for decades and provides an array of quality laminating services, including dependable flame laminating services. Our ability to provide customers with the best products and materials on the market is unparalleled in our industry and we aim to meet all of your requirements and specifications. So please, do not hesitate to reach out for more information. The number for our office is 631-567-0300. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote and go over all of the various benefits of the laminate.

Flame Laminating Process

The process of flame laminating is an effective method for bonding flexible foams and certain non-wovens to a variety of other substrates, such as fabrics, films, and papers. It is used to produce laminates by bonding foam/fabric or foam/film by passing the foam over an open flame. Exposure to the flame creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the foam surface. It is then brought into contact with the second layer under pressure to develop a bond between the two surfaces.

The flame laminating process is also eco-friendly. Different requirements and specifications can be utilized with this material. Read more on this particular process below:

  1. The process of flame laminating involves passing a substrate through a controlled flame changing the surface of the foam to a molten state.
  2. This process occurs over an open flame, which then creates a thin, tacky layer of melted polymer on the foam surface.
  3. Another substrate is then brought into direct contact with the molten foam under controlled tension and pressure.
  4. As the molten foam rapidly cools, a cohesive bond is formed at the interface between the foam and textiles.

The use of the flame laminating leads to some nice benefits and there are many factors that control the amount of bond strength achieved between the foam and the substrate. This includes the speed and distance at which the foam passes through the controlled flame. No adhesives are needed, which is one of the biggest advantages with our flame laminating services, and saves you money in the long run. It also eliminates any risk of adhesives seeping in and causing a bond failure. This allows you to create a more durable product, because it is easier to recycle than other laminated materials.

Flame Laminating Uses

Our flame laminating services provide laminated materials for a wide range of objects, such as car seats and foot insoles. U.S. Laminating Corp is able to create these materials through the flame laminating process. Automotive soft trim interior materials such as automotive headliner, seating, and door panel applications are largely derived from composite materials that are flame laminated. Orthopedic braces, sound attenuation materials, footwear components, and many other composite materials are the result of the flame laminating process. This flexibility in applications and uses makes it a great material for businesses across the country.


Our flame laminating services are also great for customization. Due to the many uses and applications, it is a simple process to customize to fit your needs. We can manufacture this product to exclusively adhere to the rigors and demands of your industry. We are proudly able to provide our flame laminating services to customers nationwide, as well as internationally. This allows us to reach clients around the globe and provide them with our outstanding laminating services.

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