Flame Laminating

U.S. Laminating Corp. provides industrial lamination services to customers across the country. We specialize in flame laminating services and can provide custom work to adhere to your exact specifications.

The process of flame laminating can present many benefits to those that chose to go that route. It is a low cost and highly efficient option, which makes it great for many different jobs. During the manufacturing process, there is a flexibility with the material. This allows it to be used on a variety of substrates and occurs as long as the core material can go through the flame laminating process. The most common core material is polyurethane foam.

Another benefit of this process is the fact that composites can be created with a laminate on only one side of the core or both sides. This is dependent of how exactly you want to utilize the material. In general, the flame laminating process is much faster than other laminating options. There is a quicker turnaround in the manufacturing process, which leads to a more efficient business in many ways. And the thickness applied in this process is much easier to customize. Utilize any sort of thickness that is required for the task. This allows flame laminating materials to be exactly specified to a customer's needs.

And one last benefit is the fact that no adhesives are used in the process. This reduces the overall cost and eliminates any adhesive from getting into the bond. The absence of any adhesive makes this process more eco-friendly, as it improves the recycling efforts of the laminate.

U.S. Laminating Corp. has years of experience in the industry and provides quality laminating materials to customers nationwide. If you would like more information about our flame laminating materials and its process, please contact us today. We welcome customized orders. The number to call to speak to a customer service representative is 631-567-0300. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have with our services, as well as provide you with any pricing questions you may have at the moment.